Delores Ella Lomax Thomsen Sahean (Del) has been an active part of the
    Greenville community since the early `80`s.  She is a Texas native with a
    BBA in accounting from Texas Christian University.  Del and her husband,
    Roy, reside in Greenville.

    Del`s conservative Christian backgound and her "Libra" personality are
    represented in the balance you observe in her work.  Spirals represent a
    focal point in many of this artist`s paintings.  They represent an imagination
    with no boundaries.  The undulating lines express her appreciation of the
    mountains and the ocean`s waves.

    Most of her work is created without a brush.  She loves to experiment and
    put together paint and objects to dazzle and entertain.  Del`s work is sold
    and hung locally.

    After years of contemplation, the artist has presented to you a sampling
    of her expansive and creative expressions.

Gaze into her imagination and ENJOY!!!

  All images Copyright Del Thomsen 2008
Phone : 864-979-1910
Email :

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